Vehicle Play

vehicle play

Vehicle play is a fun method to use to help promote your child’s speech and language development.  Most toddlers enjoy pushing their little cars around the floor.  This strategy works best for a child who is not talking yet or one with a limited variety of sounds.

To use this strategy get on the floor with your child and choose a car.  Drive your car around making a sound like “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMMMmmmm” or “nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnNNNNnnn.”  Use the “kkkk” sound for a crash.  Try to avoid modeling the “r” sound because that sound is more difficult for your child to imitate.  Add simple words like “beeeep, beeeep” or “goooooo” to your vehicle play.  Focus on modeling the sounds and having fun with your child.

Don’t try to get your child to imitate or put pressure on him to say words or sounds in your play.  The best thing you can do to get your child to say the sounds or words is to model the sounds in your play and pause your play occasionally and look expectantly at your child to see if he will put sounds or words to what is going on.