Reading Together

reading together

While picking up a book and reading it aloud to your child is an excellent thing to do, this reading together strategy is a little different.  Start by picking one of your child’s favorite books.  If you child is uninterested in books or doesn’t have a favorite book, choose a book about something your child likes.  Once you sit down with your child to read, turn the pages and “read” using 1-2 word phrases to describe what is happening.  Here are a couple examples of how you can use books to help language.

If the book is a book about trucks your “reading” may sound like this:

Truck (turn page)

Big Truck (turn page)

Truck, Truck, Truck (pointing at the different trucks as you say the words) (turn page)

More truck (turn page)

Go truck (turn page)

Truck, truck, truck (turn page)

You get the picture…

If the book is about Elmo your “reading” may sound like this:

Elmo (turn page)

Hi Elmo (turn page)

Elmo run (turn page)

Elmo eat eat (turn page)

Elmo ball (turn page)

Elmo bed (turn page)

Bye bye Elmo (turn page)


The purpose here is not to read the words on the page, but to give your child lots of verbal input.  If you can, “read” this book to your child every night before bed.  Repetition is very important in building language.  If your child wants this book read again and again then you have a great opportunity to provide more and more language cues to your child.  As your child grows in language skills, “read” longer phrases or sentences until you are reading the actual words on the page.