About Us

Back in 1996 I graduated from Kent State University with a Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology.  As I began work in my field, I fell in love with working with young children with delayed language skills.  I enjoyed helping them and showing parents different strategies to use to help promote their child’s language.   I worked in Alaska, Texas, and Oregon before I left the field to stay at home with my children.

As my children grew and we started homeschooling, the idea that parents could be effective teachers continued to grow.  As a homeschooling mom, there are times when I am not knowledgeable about a topic, but with the proper tools and support I can help my children learn.

This site is designed to give parents tools to help their children learn to develop language.  While there is no substitute for a personalized assessment and intervention by a speech therapist, there are many reasons why families would want to help their child at home:

  • On a waitlist for services and you want to help your child in the meantime.
  • Receiving speech and language services, but you want to do more at home.
  • A therapist recommended periodic rechecks instead of therapy, and you want to help your child at home.
  • Would prefer to avoid therapy and would like to try some things at home first.
  • Financial limitations make accessing therapy difficult and you would like to help your child at home for now.


Whatever your reasons, I hope this website will give you as a parent, tools to help your child learn language.

Thank you,


Amy Bowen